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Imagine being unshackled from the financial burdens holding your institution back while creating long-term value by solving your infrastructure and facilities challenges.

In the last 20 years Corvias has created 32 partnerships with the Department of Defense, colleges, universities and municipalities to solve their infrastructure and facilities challenges. Our ability to help you pivot your organization from a reactive responder to a proactive problem-solver, unlock greater value, realize efficiencies in spending and reinvest excess dollars back into your assets and your infrastructure is a proven approach. Working together, we can help you solve problems to allow you to leverage preplanned spending and climb out from under the challenges holding your institution back so you can focus on delivering against your core mission.




Government Partnerships

Nearly $9 billion in development and operations spending on facilities and infrastructure through the finance, design, construction, renovation and property management of homes and infrastructure on 13 military installations. Retrofitted 2,000 acres to help municipalities be in compliance with the EPA Clean Water Act.


Higher Education Partnerships

More than 26,000 beds under management at 12 colleges and universities. More than $1 billion in capital raised for the development of 6.1 million gross square feet and the defeasement of $454 million in debt for our partners.


Featured Stories and News

Corvias Upgrades Largest Geothermal Installation in the World

December 05, 2018

Corvias improvements to Fort Polk geothermal A/C systems will save $40 million dollars, millions of gallons of water, 7,000 metric tons in reduced CO2 from efficient energy production

Corvias Foundation Selects 2018 Military Spouse Scholarship Recipients

December 03, 2018

This year, Corvias Foundation has awarded scholarships totaling $100,000, each up to $5,000, to spouses of active-duty service members across the country and nearly $8 million has been awarded since 2006.

Effective public private partnerships for clean water and justice

December 03, 2018

A report by the Environmental Policy Innovation Center looks at how two of the leading local governments in the country are succeeding or failing in work to deliver effective stormwater projects on public and private land.

Investing in better procurement processes can enable better infrastructure outcomes

December 03, 2018

Cities across the U.S. have a once-in-a-generation chance to shift toward cleaner, greener technologies and build more resilient communities.

Webinar: P3 Myths vs. Truths: A Wayne State University Case Study in Sustainability

December 03, 2018

For many Higher Education institutions, a public private partnership (P3) may be the only realistic source for capital to support long-term growth and financial sustainability, but P3s are widely misunderstood and misused.

An Introduction to Community-Based Public Private Partnerships

November 19, 2018

Watch this video to learn about one of the ways Corvias can help communities meet their stormwater mandates.

Stopping a Storm of Pollution

November 02, 2018

Researcher’s Nutrient Removal Technique Installed in Stormwater Basins to Protect Bay

Purdue student housing project achieved commercial, financial close

October 29, 2018

Purdue University’s new 1,300-bed student housing project passed its final major milestone Friday (Oct. 26), before construction begins next month.

Clean Water Crusaders

October 03, 2018

The Clean Water Partnership is the first jurisdiction in the U.S. to successfully implement and complete a community-based public private partnership model solution to storm water management at such a large scale.