Address failing infrastructure in a fiscally constrained environment

The Department of Defense maintains 557,000 facilities covering more than 27 million acres across 5,000 sites worldwide. The Government Accountability Office said one in five facilities are in failing condition. Coupling that with less funding, installation leaders are having to make hard choices that are negatively impacting force readiness.




Be a valued community partner

The right public-private partnerships can also be a community partner by creating new jobs, giving back through philanthropy, and volunteering.


Tackling deferred maintenance

What was once a simple problem has grown into a larger, more complex one due to lack of routine maintenance.

Solutions through partnership

Your facilities and infrastructure are in desperate need of repair. Deferred maintenance costs are crushing your bottom line. You can solve these problems through true partnership. A true partnership allows you to move past the traditional way of doing things so you can achieve something truly transformative for your community.


I admit that I had profound doubts about the probability of success. However, believe me, the results were wildly beyond any of my expectations. What I learned was Corvias had not only the motivation to care for our Army families, but they also exhibited strong expertise in business processes, planning, leadership, and management. Their experience and approach enabled them to meet or exceed the goals and aims of the partnership as well as the expectations of Army families.

Dan K. McNeill, Four-Star general, infantry   |   United States Army, Retired