Take A New Approach to Your Goals

All over the country, colleges and universities are struggling to remain competitive and financially viable. Among other challenges, their limited access to capital markets makes it difficult for them to achieve their strategic goals. All of this is ultimately distracting them from their core mandate: to provide world-class educational opportunities. The Corvias Partnership Concession Approach  can improve your campus and enrich the lives of the campus community. A true partnership will allow you to:


Retain ownership, maintain control


Enhance the student experience


Achieve Financial Stability


Be a valued community partner


How a Corvias Partnership Concession Approach can mean success for your school


In my 30 years of working with campuses, I have witnessed many proposals come and go that bring third-party funding to support campus operations and to strengthen balance sheets. From "shared savings" to performance contracting, third-party housing to selling power plants. Many have had some success. Some have failed due to poor alliance of campus and vendor interests. But, nearly all, due to their narrow focus on short-term issues, have not had a meaningful impact for the campus. The Corvias Approach is different. It is a broader more holistic approach that forges a meaningful partnership for the campus housing assets between the university and Corvias. I believe their model is strong. Their demonstrated success with housing is impressive. If the campus needs to release value and monetize its housing assets, understanding Corvias' approach is worthwhile to evaluate as part of a long-term capital asset management strategy.

David A. Kadamus, Former President and CEO Sightlines